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The Gallery Church of Manhattan is a community of faith that seeks to display the grace and love of Jesus Christ to NYC!

As we continue our series, Living Faith. We look at the book of James chapter 2 where James warns against showing favoritism in the church. James uses the example of favoring the rich over the poor as a way to expose the selfish motives of our hearts. Ultimately, we see that Jesus is the only one worthy of our heart's full devotion.

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Scripture: James 1:1-18

We started a new series on the book of James, entitled “Living Faith”. James calls us to not only have faith in God but a life of action based on that faith. In this sermon, we see how our faith enables us to endure the trials of life.

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This Sunday, we took at a look at one of the famous “I AM” sayings of Jesus. We saw how his claim to be the light of the world was not only true but has the power to transform the way we live.

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In this standalone series, Jonathan Sheaffer teaches that God is able to redeem even the most broken situations and people. This week we look at how God turned generations of brokenness into a redemption story for the whole world.

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As we conclude our Transformation series with the 6th discipline: Worship. MJ Oommen teaches how to Look at worship through the lens of scripture and building a foundation of what worship means in the context of Gallery Church.

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We continue in our Transformation series taking a look at our 5th discipline: Confession. Stan Thomas shares how we are invited by God to open our hearts and confess our brokenness and sin to Him so that we might receive Christ’s gift of forgiveness and restoration.

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We continue in our Transformation series taking a look at our 4th discipline: simplicity and generosity. Stan Thomas shares how in a consumeristic society, we can be free from things that entangle us as we pursue a relationship with God.

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We continue in our Transformation series taking a look at our 3rd discipline: fasting. Stan Thomas dives into how the discipline of fasting enables us to grow in our walk with God.

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We continue in our Transformation sermon series taking a look at spiritual disciplines for the new year. Guest Speaker, David Plant, teaches on the spiritual discipline of reading scripture. He looks at the account of the birth of Jesus and how all scripture points to Jesus Christ.

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We begin our 6 week sermon series, Transformation. As we enter a New Year, we will look at 6 key spiritual disciplines that will enable us to walk in the joy and freedom a relationship with God beings. This Sunday, Stan Thomas began looking at the spiritual discipline of prayer through the lens of Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s Prayer.

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