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The Gallery Church of Manhattan is a community of faith that seeks to display the grace and love of Jesus Christ to NYC!

As we continue our series, The God You Can Know. Jordan Richard teaches on the Immutability of God.

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The first sermon in our new series is entitled, The God You Can Know. Stan Thomas will be taking a look at the attributes of God and seeing how knowing God leads to a life of fulfillment, purpose and joy. 

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Stan Thomas wraps up the series on Community. We take a look at the genealogy of Jesus and see how in Christ, we are a part of anew humanity -- a new family created for His glory.   

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Stan Thomas takes a look at the beauty and power of Christian community and how the gospel drives us to be a family in city.  

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Stan Thomas shares on the new vision for community in the fall and explains how CORE groups can foster the deep transformation we are seeking for ourselves through intimate, loving relationships with other Christians.


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