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The Gallery Church of Manhattan is a community of faith that seeks to display the grace and love of Jesus Christ to NYC!

Scripture: Matthew 1:18-25

We conclude our Advent series, “Faith, Hope and Love.” Stan Thomas looks at how the birth of Christ reveals God’s immense love for us enabling humanity to experience true unconditional love.

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Luke 1:26-56

This past Sunday we looked at how the news of the arrival of Christ on Christmas morning bring faith in the midst of our doubts.


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Scripture: John 3:1-21

In this Advent season, we take a look at how the arrival of Jesus enables us to experience and live in faith, hope and love. Jordan Richard takes a look at John 3 and unpacks for us God’s immense love for us now and in the future.

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Scripture: Luke 8: 22-25

“Stan Thomas takes a look at the miracle of Jesus calming the storm from Luke 8. We find the disciples allowing the unstable, terrifying experience of the hurricane to dictate to them their understanding of God. But Jesus invited them and invites us now to see Him as not only the Lord of the our storms but also as the One who has a plan even in the midst of chaos.”

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Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Stan Thomas concludes the sermon series, “The Generous Life” taking a look at the greatest gift we can offer anyone. He shows how the Apostle Paul shares not only the good news of what Jesus has done for him, but also his life.  We are invited to not only experience the gospel but invite others into our lives through the sharing of our own personal stories of how the gospel has radically transformed us. 

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Stan Thomas starts a new series, The Generous Life, taking a look how our relationship with a radically generous God makes us a people  of generosity. in this sermon, he specifically looks at how the gospel makes us radically generous with our finances. 

Scripture: Deuteronomy 26:1-11 - 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 


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Lamentations 3:1-24 

Stan Thomas concludes the series, "The God You Can Know" by taking a look at God's faithfulness in the midst of our personal laments.

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As we continue our series, The God You Can Know. Guest speaker, Jason James teaches on the Holiness of God.  

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As we continue our series, The God You Can Know. Guest Speaker Todd Cullen teaches on God's Love.  

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As we continue our series, The God You Can Know. Jon Sheaffer teaches, we are all about Jesus and want to know every part of him. We explore a part of our Savior that at first makes us uncomfortable and then finally drives us to deeper love for him. 

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As we continue our series, The God You Can Know. Guest speaker, David Plant teaches on the trustworthiness of God. 

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As we continue our series, The God You Can Know. Jordan Richard teaches on the Immutability of God.

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The first sermon in our new series is entitled, The God You Can Know. Stan Thomas will be taking a look at the attributes of God and seeing how knowing God leads to a life of fulfillment, purpose and joy. 

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Stan Thomas wraps up the series on Community. We take a look at the genealogy of Jesus and see how in Christ, we are a part of anew humanity -- a new family created for His glory.   

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Stan Thomas takes a look at the beauty and power of Christian community and how the gospel drives us to be a family in city.  

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Stan Thomas shares on the new vision for community in the fall and explains how CORE groups can foster the deep transformation we are seeking for ourselves through intimate, loving relationships with other Christians.


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The Bible calls us to radical community that resembles Christ in deed, love and accountability. Stan Thomas shares with the Gallery the vision for community as we enter the Fall 2019 

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Stan Thomas concludes the series, "God of this City" talking a looking at how our identity in Christ calls for us to action good works in the city! 

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The first sermon in our series entitled, "God of the City."

Stan Thomas teaches from acts 8 looking at the encounter of Philip, a Jewish convert to Christianity, with an Ethiopian eunuch. We will see how the gospel calls us to look at our neighbors in the city we live in.   

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"We continue our sermon Series, Summer in the Psalm's with Psalm 73. Guest Speaker: Pastor Daniel McGhee. 

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"We continue our sermon series, Summer in the Psalms, with Psalm 42 & 43.

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"We continue our sermon series, Summer in the Psalms, with Psalm 139. Jordan Richard teaches on how our all-knowing God seeks intimacy with us, and how Jesus makes that intimacy possible. 

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"We continue our sermon series, Summer in the Psalms, with Psalm 146.

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This is the first sermon in our new series, entitled, Summer in the Psalms. Stan Thomas teaches on Psalm 88 and shows us how we can navigate though moments of despair and darkness. 

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Guest Speaker: Drew Jackson, Pastor of Hope East Village, shares about the first temptation of Christ and its significance for us today.  

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Stan Thomas concludes the series entitled, "Miracles" with the fourth and final sermon. He teaches how through the healing of the man with leprosy, Jesus seeks to heal the areas of our lives that we shield from other because of shame, fear or guilt.   

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Stan Thomas continues with the third sermon in our series entitled, "Miracles." He teaches how Jesus calls us to be his disciples while exposing our idols.

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Stan Thomas continues with his second sermon in the series entitled, Miracles. He walks us through the miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000, and how God speaks into our moments of scarcity even today. 

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Stan Thomas begins a new series entitled, "Miracles." 

The Opening sermon discusses Jesus' first miracle (turning water into wine) and the truths we can apply to our lives today.

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Easter Sunday Sermon: Teaching Pastor Stan Thomas shares how the truth and power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ still transforms and changes people 2000 years later. 

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Stan Thomas looks at the doctrine of substitutionary atonement through the lens of Pilate's last act of freeing a prisoner on Passover.  

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Stan Thomas concludes 1>99.

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Stan Thomas continues 1>99. 

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Stan Thomas continues 1>99 series. 

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Stan continues series 1>99. 

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Stan Thomas preaches on the importance of loving on your neighbor. 

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Stan Thomas preaches on loving God with all your heart. 

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Stan Thomas concludes our Galatians series. 

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Stan Thomas continues Galatians series. 

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Jordan Richard continues Galatians series. 

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Stan Thomas picks up our Galatians series. 

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Stan Thomas preaches on trusting Jesus. 

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Jordan Richard preaches on Matthew 1-18-25. 

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