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The third sermon in our 2017 Advent series delves into how the birth of Jesus brings us a joy that supersedes our status, wealth or fame. 

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The second sermon in our 2017 Advent series talks about the reason to hope and how the birth of Christ helps us to do so.

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The first sermon from our Advent series discusses the beauty of God's love and how it propels us to love others.

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This sermon dives into the reasons why we can give thanks to God with our whole hearts.

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The third sermon in the series, "The Generous Life."

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The second sermon in the series, "The Generous Life."

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1 Samuel 1:1-20

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The final sermon in the "In Christ" series discusses how we are victorious in Jesus.

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The next sermon in our current series, "In Christ," shows us how we are loved in Jesus.

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