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This is the 5th Sermon in our "Eating with God" series.

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This is the 4th sermon in our "Eating with God" series

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Third Sermon in our "Eating With God" Series

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The first sermon in our series "Eating with God"

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Easter Sermon 2018

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This is the 6th sermon in our series and we will be touching upon celebration!

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The fifth sermon in the "Nehemiah: New Beginnings" series points to the power of God's vision to unify people and overcome inherent, societal injustice.

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In the third sermon of our "New Beginnings" series, we discuss how faith and action go hand in hand to bring about God's mission for Nehemiah. 

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Here is the second sermon in our "New Beginnings" series in which we unpack how to approach God in prayer the way Nehemiah does. 

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